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Governance & Management

Governance & Management

Institutional And Management Arrangements

The General Council

The General Council is composed of several members from across the organisation including the International Board of Directors, members of the Country Board of Directors, Regional Advisory Committee, Satallite Advisory Committee representatives and an equal number of ordinary members from each country. The General council is the overall decision making Board pertaining to all key governance issues of the organization such as ratification of policies, constitution, membership and approval of auditors.

International Board Of Directors

NACRO is governed by nine Board of Directors who are appointed by the District Apostle's office after consultations with the Council of Apostles Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. The Manager Administration at Church office headquarters and the Executive Director of NACRO are part of the board who occupy permanent seats. The term of office for the members of the Board of Directors is (3) years, and may be eligible for re-appointment for a further three years term only. The Board's main mandate is to provide strategic policy direction and ensure good accountability within the whole organization. They also play a key role in resource mobilization.

Country Board of Dircetors

The Country Board of Directors is composed of members appointed by the International Board Chairperson after consultations with the Country Apostles, patron and Executive Director. They are appointed for a term of three years and can be renewed for another three years. Their main role is to give input into the national NACRO Country programs and also to perform delegated duties by the International Board of Directors.

The Regional Advisory Committee

The Regional Advisory Committees are composed of elected representatives from the satellite committees. This structure is at the level of Area Apostles. Their major role is to provide input into the national programme based on the issues and feedback from the satellite committees. They form a core group of volunteers who are involved in the implementation and monitoring of the NACRO programmes and activities in their areas.

The Satellite Advisory Committee

The satellite committees are formed around the District Elder areas as defined by the church structure. This is the lowest level of the organisation structure and is based at the community level. This is where the actual beneficiaries of the services offered by the organisation are found. The main role of this committee is to identify the needs, the required intervention activities and the beneficiaries. Their work links strongly into the regional advisory structure.

The Secretariat

There shall be an established secretariat which will be run by the Executive Dircetor who shall be assisted by other persons deemed qualified and experienced. The Executive Director of NACRO has the final responsibility over the day to day management of the organisation. He/She provides guide to the team on the implementation of the policies as approved by the board. He/she is assisted by the Programme Manager and Country Cordinators.