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NACRO Advancing Decentralized Community-Based Health Services

Recently in 2022 and 2023, NACRO implemented a community focused HIV, TB and Covid-19 control intervention in a partnership called Accelerating Towards Epidemic Control (ATEC II) with Global Fund support channelled through Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) to Expanded Church Response (ECR). The intervention involved training of community-based health volunteers.... READ MORE

The Extended Value of Solar Water Pumping

In 2021, NACRO piloted solar-driven water supply systems at two schools under the climate resilient school WASH project (CreWASH) in Kalabo, Kuuli School (in Liuwa Constituency) and Lutwi School (in Kalabo Central Constituency). Health centres near the schools were after community consultation connected to the solar pumping systems. This demonstrates extended capacity and value of solar pumping technology; that is, the technology has considerable potential to scale up benefits to more users... READ MORE
The Extended Value of Solar Water Pumping


NACRO Malawi is currently implementing an Agriculture project called Kanthunkhama Smallholder Irrigation Scheme Project, funded by NAK-karitativ. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to increased food security and rural incomes through development of surface water irrigation system and enhancement of best agricultural practices at Kanthunkhama Irrigation Scheme in Traditional Authority Mpando... READ MORE
The Extended Value of Solar Water Pumping

2023 International Women's Day Celebrations

Participants from the Apostle Areas (Lusaka East, West and City) and members of staff during the March.

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The Success story of Nampundwe Trust Group

The German Sparkassenstiftung has been active in the Southern African region for many years now, with the objective of promoting small-scale entrepreneurs in Southern Africa. The regional project combines Sparkassenstiftung’s exising and planned project activities inSouthern African (based on previous experience in the project countries) with the aim of...READ MORE


In December 2022, Expanded Church Response provided additional funding to NACRO for gender activism in Kalabo and Kaoma. NACRO engaged in stakeholder discussions, community dialogues and sensitisation:

  • In Kaoma, 2173 people were reached (650 male, 1523 female)
  • In Kalabo, 889 people were reached (368 male, and 551 female).
  • See A performance in anti-GBV messaging in Kalabo here


    NACRO construct 16 improved latrines in 5 primary schools and 3 public places (a market, an under-five clinic and a church) targeting over 3,706 school learners, 200 traders, 3,000 buyers, 300 clinic clients and 100 congregants in the area from September 2019 with funding from NAK-karitativ of Germany. ....READ MORE Kazigande ECCDC in Blantyre


    In responding to these challenges, New Apostolic Church Relief Organization (NACRO) decided to implement a Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) project in the area of Traditional Authority Mduwa from September 2019 with funding from NAK-karitativ of Germany in order to contribute to increased access to safe water and sanitation coverage through basic sanitation infrastructure and hygiene promotion.... READ MORE

    Kazigande ECCDC in Blantyre

    Farmers Business Simulation Game Now Playing in Zimbabwe

    Kazigande ECCDC in Blantyre

    20 March 2021
    The Farmers Business Simulation Game finally crossed the borders of Zambia into Zimbabwe on the 15th of March 2021. 19 Farmers from the New Apostolic Church and other Organisations converged in Harare for the inaugural FBS training which ran for 4 days. ....READ MORE

    The Executive Director, Mr. Yubai visited the Tongogara Refugee Camp in Zimbabwe

    Kazigande ECCDC in Blantyre

    23 March 2021
    The Executive Director, Mr. Yubai visited the Tongogara Refugee Camp in Zimbabwe from 18-21 March 2021. He was accompanied by the Country Program Coordinator for NACRO Zimbabwe, Precious Sibiya, NACRO Program Manager from Zambia, Mr. Sikota and Refugee Section Officer from Zimbabwe, Ms. Gombingo. The purpose of the visit was to conduct a needs assessment. The task....READ MORE

    District Apostle Helper Mhango visits NACRO’s Kazigande ECCDC in Blantyre

    6 April 2020
    District Apostle Helper Arnold Mhango on Easter Monday, 5th April 2021 visited a newly constructed Kazigande Early Childhood Care and Development Centre (ECCDC), a NACRO project at Kazigande Village, Group Village Headman Kesinala, in Senior Chief Kuntaja area in Blantyre. This area is near Chikuli Trading Centre in Blantyre rural district about 40 km north of Blantyre City....READ MORE

    Kazigande ECCDC in Blantyre

    Local leadership development process

    In quest to help the local community NACRO engages the local leadership in its development process. In Mansa NACRO responded to the need of establishing a school in Matenda Community. In the picture His Royal Highness Kalasa-Lukangaba was at hand to bless the construction of Matenda NAC School. He provided land and also directed his subject to participate in all the necessary construction activities. Today this school managed by NACRO has 1by2 classrooms, 1by3 classrooms and three staff houses. It provides education to over 252 learners (which includes 21 adults who have decided to go back to school) who were not able to access education because of distance to the next nearest school.

    NACRO Malawi Office official opening

    NACRO like any other NGO has challenges to raise funds to meet over heads such as rentals, electricity and others that are in many cases not of interest to funding partners. NACRO Malawi took a bold step to build its own office which was officially opened by the District Apostle Charles S Ndandula. The project which costed Euros 62,833.89 was officially opened on 29th April, 2019 in Lilongwe. The event drew a number of partners which included NGO Board and CONGOMA who praised NACRO for its initiative. Indeed this facility is the pride of the organisation and a symbol of sustainability.

    Ministry of Youth, Spot & Child Development visits Henwood Chibombo farm

    The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development visited Henwood Chibombo Farm to familiarise themselves with the operations. In the picture the NACRO Executive Director helping the Team leader, Director of Child Development at the Ministry Mr. John Zulu to wear an overall coat as he was about to enter the Tomato and Onion value addition factory.

    Widow's Dilapidated House Replaced

    In the picture is a dilapidated homestead and a replacement for one vulnerable widow with her grandchildren in Mzuzu. NACRO through its housing empowerment project with support from NAK karitativ has constructed 10 houses in Mzuzu at Msongwe and Doroba. The project aims to contribute to poverty reduction by providing shelter to Orphans and Vulnerable People.

    Luvuwo irrigation Project implemented by NACRO Malawi

    The pictures are about the Luvuwo irrigation Project which NACRO Malawi has been implementing broadly aiming at improvement of food and disposable income for 100 households for Luvuwo Irrigation Scheme, thereby supplementing government efforts in national food security programs. Luvuwo Irrigation Scheme has 100 household members cultivating on one piece of land of 10 hectares. Malawi Government provided a dam upstream and commenced to build a canal to feed the 10 hectares. The major activities that NACRO has done include: Training of 100 farmers in SMART agriculture, climate change and nutrition; Construction and Maintenance of 800m Canal; Purchase and Distribution of Farm Inputs to 100 farmers; drilling of a community borehole; Training in irrigation and Water Conservation; and community based borehole management.

    Project Monitoring

    Project Monitoring is another important component under project management. In the picture the NAK karitativ, NACRO Head office and Malawi Country program officers posed for a picture after visiting projects in the Northern Part of Malawi. In the picture also is the Malawi Board Chairperson (in black jacket).

    NACRO Chabota Skills Training Centre

    Inside the facilities of NACRO Chabota Skills Training Centre – dormitory, lecture room and dining hall.

    official opening of Chabota Skills Training Centre

    During the official opening of Chabota Skills Training Centre on February 20, 2019: the NACRO Board Chairperson Mrs. Nelly B K Mutti and the Chairman & CEO of NAK karitativ Mr. Jorg Leske gave speeches.

    official opening of Chabota Skills Training Centre

    During the official opening of Chabota Skills Training Centre other partners came in to congratulate NACRO for the achievement. In the picture Ecobank Country Head Commercial Banking Mr. Shidono Victor handed over some calendars to NACRO Executive Director Mr. Yubai Tebuho.

    The community of Msongolo in Rumphi

    In coming up with proposals NACRO engage into a series of participatory methods to assess and evaluate the community needs and status. This cause for use of several social and economic tools. In the pictures NACRO and its Partner NAK karitativ are collecting data from the community of Msongolo in Rumphi.


    Obituary for Yubai Tebuho


    The Obituary of KAUMBA MWANANYAMBE - 16th Nov. 1967—2nd Feb. 2022

    With profound fondness, the New Apostolic Church Relief Organisation (NACRO) shares in the grief and in the memories of KAUMBA MWANYAMBE.
    Born 16th November, 1967 in Mongu, Barotseland, Kaumba Mwanayambe went on to live a life of love and passion for others. He became a father and husband with 6 children....READ MORE

    The Obituary of ROBINSON MBOLOMA - 24th Oct. 1964—11th Feb. 2022

    The New Apostolic Church Relief Organisation (NACRO) profoundly shares in the grief and in the fond memories of ROBINSON MBOLOMA.
    At Zambia's indepedence, 24th October 1964, Robinson Mboloma was born and went on to live a life of due regard for others up until his death on 11th February 2022.. ....READ MORE