The New Apostolic Church Relief Organization (NACRO) is a humanitarian and development wing of the New Apostolic Church.

The organization’s formation was prompted by the New Apostolic Church’s desire to provide humanitarian support and promotion of programs aiming at improving the livelihood of the less privileged and vulnurable people in all the communities.

To achieve this desire, NACRO, has over the years, supported the less priviled and vulnurable people and communities through provision of direct interventions.

NACRO is headquartered in Lusaka (Zambia). It also has country office in Lilongwe (Malawi) and Harare (Zimbabwe). NACRO is a duly registered and licenced organisation with right to operate in all the three countries. NACRO is registered in Zambia, under the Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO) Act Number 16 of 2009. It is registered under Malawian laws as an independent legal entity under the Trusties Incorporation Act. It is also properly registered with NGO Board of Malawi as well as Council of NGOs in Malawi.

NACRO Malawi is also a member of Civil Society Agriculture Network, Civil Society Education Coalition, and Water, Environment and Sanitation Network. It is also duly registered in Zimbabwe.


“To Provide high quality demand driven services that impacts positively on the lives of the vulnerable communities and provides capacity building that results in stronger resilience and improved livelihoods.”


Strengthened NACRO that transforms vulnerable communities into resilient and self-sustaining households in the areas it operates.


Our Strategic Areas Of Operation:

> Education

NACRO supports Governments in the provision of free, equitable and quality education in order to ensure that all girls and boys complete their primary and secondary school.

> Health

NACRO supports Governments to ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being of all at all stages. In addition, NACRO supports Government to ensure the availability and Sustainable management of water and sanitation resources.

> Livelihood

NACRO supports Governments in improving food security and disposable income for vulnurable households through sustainable agriculture.

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